Holbox kiboshed?

January 20th, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox (pronounced Hol-bosch) is a tiny sand-strip facing the Gulf of Mexico, bordered by Cabo Catoche on the east and separated from the mainland by Laguna Yalahao to the south.

I’ve found evidence of how the island fared in the hurricane quite hard to come by.

Isla HolboxGideon Ben-Ami took this photo earlier this month. He spent a few days on Holbox and his impressions were that it looked a little worse for wear.

"There were very few tourists around," Gideon said… "and the locals I spoke to were beginning to feel the pinch."

The beach is looking good though. There’s some seaweed around – brought in by the brisk northerly winds (nortes), which are prevalent this time of year, through February.

The wind is good news for kitesurfers, Holbox’s latest craze.

Brenda Rubio at the Hotelito Casa Las Tortugas has told me that the restaurants are open in the town, mainly around the plaza, including Viva Zapata, La Cueva del Pirata, Pizzería Edelyn, La Isla del Colibrí…

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12 Responses to “Holbox kiboshed?”

  1. patrick w Says:

    Isla Holbox has almost totally recovered from the hurricane!

    Restaurants are open! Most hotels are open! And vegetation is returning!

    The people of Holbox island are working with tourism again! Holbox is still as before – the ultimate ‘get-away’ island if you have had enough of the Riviera Maya! Please stop saying that Holbox has been destroyed!!

  2. Steve Bridger Says:

    I don’t think I said that Holbox was destroyed.

    I understand why hotels and those directly employed in the tourism industry want to ‘talk up’ the situation. Don’t misunderstand me, I wish no harm; on the contrary.

    However, I believe that it is in the interests of the ‘industry’ (and yes, it is a business) to set expectations.

    People are returning to Holbox (and other places) for sure. This blog is peppered with positive stories – but largely from travellers themselves. The photos speak for themselves, I think.

    Please take time to read my reasons for starting this blog.


  3. Federico.C Says:

    I would wish to ask three little questions on isla holbox I hope you will answer.

    Are the birds: pelicans, flamingio, frigates, etc. still there after the storm?

    Are the whale sharks and whale shark tours still there after the storm?

    Is the telephone line re-established? thank you I hope you will answer.

  4. lisa k Says:

    Federico – I will be going there in a few days… the pelicans will always be there… 12 months a year.

    The whale sharks / tours will not happen until summer… and they’ll be back.

    The hurricane did not damage the wildlife so much as the island and the village.

    If you want, send me your email and I’ll send you some notes when I return. lisa

  5. Steve Bridger Says:

    Hi Lisa – it would be great if… once you get back… you could tell us all how you found Holbox! Thanks.

  6. Federico.C Says:

    thanks lisa

  7. Julie Says:

    Steve & Lisa, I am going to Holbox on 3/18.

    I have been checking this site daily for any updates on Holbox. I look forward to Lisa’s response.

    I will let you know my thoughts as well when I return.

    Thanks! Julie

  8. Steve Bridger Says:

    Julie (and Lisa). Great stuff! Do email me on your return & I’ll post up an update… Thanks a lot.

  9. lisa k Says:

    Julie… Let’s hook up for a beer… I’ll be there on the 15th for 2 weeks. Find me at Mapaches… lisa

    Steve – I’ll email you when I’m down there IF there’s an internet cafe open.


  10. Kim Says:

    We visited Holbox Jan. 4-11.

    We found the island worse for wear but doing very well. I can imagine now that things are close to normal.

    We stayed at Xaloc and Amigos House. Colibri was open, as were a number of other restaurants.

    We have a good friend on the island who took us out fishing and entertained us royally. The vegetation was coming back. The amount of sand that had been moved and the differences in beach widths was amazing.

    would like to connect with someone that knows about building a home on Holbox.


  11. allex Says:

    we’re going to Xaloc end of May and want to know the best (easiest) way to get there from Cancun airport and approx what to expect to pay. Thanks

  12. laura Says:

    I am going to Holbox possibly in January, does anyone have any opinions about beachfront palapas for my husband, 2 yr old, and I.

    Any info on transfers from Cancun airport would also be appreciated. thanks.