Beach recovery moves up a gear

February 23rd, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under Cancún Beach Recovery, Cancún, Photos

Beach recovery at the Royal Islander photo James WehrleHills of sand are already appearing in front of the Royal Islander as phase two of the beach reclamation project starts ahead of schedule.

Kudos to Royal Resorts as one of the very few to regularly post news updates online. Their website even features a short video of the beach recovery teams at work earlier this month.

Another photo.

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42 Responses to “Beach recovery moves up a gear”

  1. Rafael Cohen Says:

    I’m planning to stay at the Le Blanc Resort and Spa. How is the beach condition currently and what is the beach expected to look like on April 7-11, Thank You

  2. Jim in Cancun Says:

    The LeBlanc is still a long ways away but the way they are going, I really think you may either be on a beach at the LeBlanc or at least be able to watch them build one!! JMHO

  3. Pat Doud Says:

    We’ll be at the Park Royal Piramides March 20th-31. I can see by your time line that you don’t expect the crews to be past there yet.

    SO… my question is… is there ANY beach AT ALL in front of that hotel??? Can we at least walk down there and let our two little girls play in the sand? Has it rejuvinated itself at all since Wilma? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Pat

  4. Tim Del Monte Says:

    I’m staying @ Le Meridian April 20-26th. Will they have a beach by then???

  5. Steve Bridger Says:

    Hi Tim – a good number of hotels retained pockets of beach. Le Meridien is one of them.

    The beach should have been fully ‘reclaimed’ by the second or third week in March. You have nothing to worry about.

  6. Kevin Says:

    Steve – Thanks for all the work and information you are providing. We will be at GCP 3/9/06. Looks like we will get to watch, unless the second ship will speed up phase 2. Any ideas on that? Thanks again.

  7. Pat Doud Says:

    Seems like everyone else gets an answer except me!!  JK. But, can anyone tell me if there is any beach in front of the PARK ROYAL?! PLEASE! Thanks, Pat

  8. Steve Bridger Says:

    Rafael – Danielle Collazo at Palace Resorts (who own Le Blanc) told me that there is, as yet, no firm date for the beach recovery in front of the hotel. Keep checking back for updates

  9. Steve Bridger Says:

    Pat – I hadn’t forgotten you! Just nothing new to report. My emails to the Park Royal go unanswered, I’m afraid. I’m waiting for an on-the-spot report.

  10. Pat Doud Says:

    THANK YOU! At least I know someone is trying. I just hope my two kids (and us) have a little beach to play on! Let me know if you learn anything. Thanks again, Pat

  11. Kevin Says:


    Any idea on the second ship?

  12. Ryan Garling Says:

    We are staying at the park royal (march 15 – march 22) and have not been able to get any response from the hotel or time share managment. If anyone hears anything please pass it along.

  13. Ryan Garling Says:

    I just got off the phone and with royal holiday. They run the park royal. The guy said they did have a beach that was ok to go on. It was just smaller. Not sure what to make of this as his english was not very good.

  14. Steve Bridger Says:

    Many thanks for the update, Ryan. Yes, it could be a case of “they would say that, wouldn’t they…”, or, we could give them the benefit of the doubt. As always, I’m trying to get verification from a number of sources. I’ll post here as soon as…

  15. Paul Tucker Says:

    Steve, Why is there a gap of 5 days between beach recovery at Fiesta Am. Condesa and the start of recovery at Le Meridien? I understand the timeline is a guesstimate, but what goes on between March 8 and March 13?


  16. Steve Bridger Says:

    Hi Paul – the beach recovery is ahead of schedule. You caught me in the middle of changing the timetable (still an estimate though…). Thanks!

  17. Tim Norris Says:

    We will be staying at the Crown Paradise Club March 18th thru the 25th. Looking at the updated photo it looks like there is a shelf (drop off) on the beach. Can you tell me if this is an updated photo of the beach at the Crown Paradise Club or is it a different hotel? If it is at the Crown Paradise has there always been a drop off like this at this hotel?

  18. Steve Bridger Says:

    Tim, this is a good question… which I puzzled over myself. I’ll try to get an answer.

  19. Steve Bridger Says:

    Tim, re the "shelf", or drop-off in front of the Crown Paradise…

    Someone who stayed at the hotel in February has told me that the "shelf" varies in height; in some places it is a couple of feet, while in others it was as much as a 5ft ‘drop’.

    The person who emailed me (sorry, they didn’t leave their name…) said "it was not a problem for any of us except my mother, who is 62 and has bad knees. We had to help her up and down the ‘shelf’. But from what we were expecting, we were just happy not to have rocks!"

    The beach recovery team may return to ‘fix’ the shelf.

  20. Peter Grosser Says:

    Firstly, MANY many thanks for your excellent service to provide the ongoing updates of the status of the Beach Recovery operation. I, and many others I am sure, are living vicariously through your reports in anticipation of their upcoming Cancun trips. Keep up the great work!!

    I see by your updated timetable that they are today working at Le Meridien. Is that really correct??!! WOW!!

    If so, that is GREAT news for all us Royal Sands members that are anxiously awaiting the return of our beach. We are arriving Friday March 10th (i.e. in one week), and by the speed of current progress, it looks like the Sands beach might even be done by then. Do you agree?? Some kids I know would be overjoyed … and me too!!

  21. Steve Bridger Says:

    Peter – I made a mistake and missed a week. The beach recovery is around the Condesa / Gran Melia at the moment.

    I estimate that it may reach the Royal Sands around the middle of the month, but that may change. I think I’ll have a better idea tomorrow. Apologies.

    Some pockets of beach, e.g. in front of Le Meridien, remained post-Wilma.

  22. Steve Bridger Says:

    Peter – I’m now estimating that the beach recovery crews will reach the Royal Sands around the date of your arrival (the 10th).

    I’ll be posting updates through the week…

  23. Steve Bridger Says:

    Image hosted by Webshots.comPeter – I’ve found this photo of the Royal Sands beach taken on Feb. 9th – prior to the beach recovery.

    In fact, if you click through to the larger image, you can see the dredger working 400m offshore further south.

  24. Steve Bridger Says:

    The beach recovery has reached Le Meridien

  25. Lindsey Says:

    I am traveling to Mexico for a friend’s wedding. We are making arrangments to possibly stay in Cancun at the Royal Sunset…do you think the beach will be recoverd by April? We will be in staying during the week of April 8-15…any info on the condition of this hotel’s beach/grounds would be great. Thank you for all of the GREAT information on the recovery process!

  26. Steve Bridger Says:

    Lindsey – the Royal Sunset lost most of its beach in the hurricane. This was the picture on Jan. 9th.

    I’m estimating that the beach recovery team will be working in front of the Royal Sunset around the time of your stay. I cannot be certain, and update this timetable every day, taking into account the situation on the ground. I’ll keep you posted.

  27. Pat Doud Says:

    An update coming today? Sure miss them when it gets to be a couple days. Thanks for the service.

    Several of us have asked about the Park Royal beach. Anyone know anything?

    Thanks, Pat

  28. Steve Bridger Says:

    Pat – I do not like to be a bearer of bad news, but I really think you need to consider moving hotels. This is a snippet from an email I received last night.

    The word on the street is that Park Royal will be open late April/early May. They were damaged more than they admit. Although the "official" date is April 1st. If you try to make an online reservation for anything earlier than May 1st, you can’t do it. Infer from that what you will.

    Try contacting Catalina Valente, Central Reservations Manager, Park Royal Hotels & Resorts. Tel +52 998 885 0565

    Pat, I have my fingers crossed for you & your family. If you can, please let me know if you discover anything that may be of value to others.


  29. Dan Rupp Says:

    Steve, Thanks for providing the only useful information out there concerning Cancun’s beaches.

    Like Pat, we are desperately trying to get info on Park Royal. Two months ago we booked for April 2nd-9th. Have been in the dark ever since.

    Last month we were relieved to discover the hotel would be up and running for "members" this month, but there would be no beach. This month it appears we have will have a beach, but no hotel. Like a bad game of ping-pong!

    Could you devote some of your "eyes and ears" to this? Are there not people staying there now? I was under the impression the hotel is up and going now. Is that not the case? HELP!

  30. Pat Doud Says:

    Hey Dan,

    The hotel is up and running. If you go to there’s a link to that property right on the main page showing people going into the hotel! Pat

  31. Steve Bridger Says:

    Here’s the link. They look like real people, all right! Seems it opened to members on March 1st. Still awaiting verification.

    Wish they would update the hotel website, too. No mention. I always assume the worst, I guess.

    Re-opens to non-members on July 1st, I think… which would suggest there is a fair bit of work still to be done.

  32. Dan Rupp Says:

    Thanks to both of you. Saw that site earlier, but would be nice to know if someone could wander the grounds and report in.

  33. Steve Bridger Says:

    To all of you asking about the Park Royal… Ryan Garling (who commented on Feb. 27th, above) has just sent me this photo of the (non-)beach at the resort this week.

    The Park Royal should get its beach back approx. the first week in April.

    Thanks a lot, Ryan.

  34. Dan Rupp Says:

    Steve, Thanks for posting the link to the non-beach photo.

    One small confusion. You state the Park Royal will get its beach back the 1st week of April. Your beach replenishment schedule indicates a beach as early as mid next week. This represents only a week differential, yet we arrive the 2nd and are hoping the sand is there by our arrival.

    What’s the most recent prognosis?

    Thanks again for all your helpful reporting!

  35. lee huether Says:

    Anything further on the Royal Piramides in Cancun?

    Like many, we’re thinking of booking (first week in May). We’d really like to lend our support by travelling there…

  36. Steve Bridger Says:

    Dan, Lee… the Park Royal now has a beach. The new sand has been smoothed into place by the earth-moving equipment.

  37. lee huether Says:

    Thanks Steve, for the beach update.

    Ryan, Any updates on the Royal Piramides itself? How’re the building, rooms, restaurants, pools, etc…

    Thanks! lee

  38. Dan Rupp Says:

    Steve, Thanks again for your blog. Great help as I planned my "every two-year" vacation.

    Will be leaving tomorrow and can report back in to Lee and others about Park Royal Piramides if desired here.

  39. Steve Bridger Says:

    Dan, many thanks. Enjoy your deserved vacation and yes, please do update us when you get a moment :)

  40. Chuck Says:

    Planning a trip end of May. Staying at the Hilton?

    Can’t tell from the website if there is a beach there, or if I should stay at another hotel.

    Looking for one that is kid friendly, nice pool and nice beach. 4 star preferred. Any suggestions??

  41. Steve Bridger Says:

    Image hosted by Webshots.comChuck, the Hilton confirmed to me last week that they will indeed re-open in May 1st. They have a beach.

    I don’t make hotel recommendations on this site – certainly for hotels where I’ve never personally stayed. Try CancunCare.

    This photo was taken on March 5th.

  42. lee huether Says:


    Any word from Dan regarding his stay at the Royal Piramides?