Humble hummingbird

June 5th, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under News

Steve Bridger Wins 2006 Colibri Ecotourism Achievement AwardToday is a good day. The sun is out. That’s three days in a row.

It just got even better. As part of the global celebration of World Environment Day, has named me as the recipient of the annual Colibri Ecotourism Achievement Award, largely for my work on this blog.

Colibri means "Hummingbird" in Spanish and this year the Award celebrates its sixth anniversary, making this one of the longest-running ecotourism awards. Needless to say, I’m chuffed to bits.

You can read what some very nice people have to say about me on the award page. I feel humble because I know I wouldn’t have got a look in were it not for the efforts of so many people.

Special thanks to Ron Mader of, Emilio Kifuri, president of Canyon Travel, and especially my family, for putting up with the late nights.

Now somehow I’ve got to get over to Mexico to collect the award; may need to beat my wings like a true hummingbird.

* * *

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5 Responses to “Humble hummingbird”

  1. Anita Says:

    Steve, Congratulations on the award. It is well-deserved. I still check your AfterWilma site regularly. I find it very informative. It is also a good diversion from my everyday life – makes me feel like I am in beautiful Cancun.

  2. Robert Nanders Says:

    That’s terriffic! Congratulations, Steve.

  3. Steve Bridger Says:

    Anita, Robert… thanks very much; such feedback keeps makes it all worthwhile :)

  4. Working Gringos Says:

    Congratulations, Steve! That’s a wonderful award. You definitely deserve the recognition for this great and useful site.

  5. Steve Bridger Says:

    Ellen, Jim… Thanks. You know the respect is mutual :)