June beach update

June 13th, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under Cancún Beach Recovery, Cancún, Photos

The ecology zone in front of the Golden Crown Paradise. Le Meridien can be seen in the backgroundAfter walking the beach and getting well crisped by the sun, Mel Zelniker took this photo of the beach in front of the Cancún Palace on June 4th.

While the hotel is being re-developed, an "Ecological Restoration Area" has been planted at the back of the beach. A ‘beautification’ project really.

Mel adds that it appears the beach cleaning is restricted to hotels that are open; the area in front of Le Meridien (the green-roofed building in the background) is pristine, while the area next door in front of the Ritz Carlton is laden with seaweed and junk.

Another photo of the ecological restoration area, and another.

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6 Responses to “June beach update”

  1. Jim in Cancun Says:

    I have noticed the same at the Le Blanc. Hopefully the beach erosion (which seems to be happening already–especially in front of certain hotels like Le Meridien)will not negatively affect the plantings.

  2. frankie Says:

    Thanks for posting the pic., but I think the hotel in the background is the JW Marriott.

  3. Seamus (Jim) Says:

    Steve, maybe I’m mistaken but the Hotels in the photos background appear to be, first the JW Marriott and second the Marriott Casa Magna.

    Also a recent report, in Quequi, one of the local newspapers has indicated some recent major beach work being done in front of both Marriott’s that is endangering the previous restoration, the ecology to Sea Turtle nesting areas, and the work is leaving debris areas that have become dangerous to tourists and locals walking the public beach area.

    Any updates would be appreciated and thanks for the continued work and perseverance in the Post Hurricane Wilma Cancun.

    Also, congratulations on your recent award for the site.


  4. Steve Bridger Says:

    Oops! You’re absolutely right. The green-roofed building is indeed the JWM; the photo was taken in front of Le Meridien! Apologies :)

  5. Jason Says:

    Just got back from my trip to Cancun. My oh my how things have changed down there. Things look generally like they always have, but the amount of demolition, construction and repairs still going on is more than I imagined it would be. The hotels that are open look fantastic, but the ones who are not look pretty rough. All things considered, it has been a very quick recovery from Wilma though.

    The one thing I noticed about the "new" beach is the effect it has had on the water. The last time I was there, you could see all the way to the bottom when in the water on the hotel zone beaches. Now the water is too cloudy with sand to see more than a foot or so down. I assume this is from the beach "regulating" itself after the reclamation project. The beaches look wonderful overall, but the texture of the sand and the color and clarity of the water have changed.

    My overall impression is still of a place that I cannot wait to go back to though. The fact that this much progress has been made in such a short amount of time makes me think that things will continue to get better and better.

  6. Steve Bridger Says:

    Thanks for the update, Jason. Your comments are always balanced and informative. Gracias.