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TripAdvisor Cancún wiki

September 15th, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under Cancún, News

I really do think that this could mean the death knell for travel guidebooks as we currently know them!

TripAdvisor Inside™ is a travel wiki. We can all now read, write and edit online travel guides on thousands of destinations around the world. There are no doubt other examples, but TripAdvisor are the big players.

Travellers – and residents – can now collaborate to write travel guides together. One person starts a topic, like “Cancún: Travelling during Hurricane Season” Another person adds to it. Another fixes a couple of typos. Another adds more to it. And shortly you have a travel topic written from the collective wisdom of dozens of people.

Better than an outdated guidebook.

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John Bordsen of the Charlotte Observer interviews Abelardo Juarez, the manager of Señor Frog’s in Cancún on post-Wilma recovery.

Viva Cancún

August 14th, 2006 by Mel Zelniker filed under Cancún, News

Cancún beach fiesta - August 12th, 2006Thirty days since our last visit to the beach and what a difference. Fonatur and Mother Nature have been at work: The beach is clean. The beach is wide. The ‘shelves’ have gone. The water is beautiful.

The Cancún Palace is a mess; still looming over the beach, imposing an ugly and noisy backdrop to the festivities. Nevertheless, the beach appears to be back to its glorious self.

Cancún beach party

July 31st, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under Cancún, News

la fiesta de playa mas grande del mundo logoKitty Bean Yancey writing in USA TODAY says that tourism officials are throwing what’s billed as "world’s largest beach party" from August 11th -13th, including sand-sculpture and surfing contests, food, music and booze.

The article also includes some hotel updates…

the 515-room Westin Resort & Spa reopened July 7th, but still has rooms being worked on
the 365-room Ritz-Carlton Cancun is due to reopen in mid-September
the 450-room J.W. Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa has 235 rooms open. All are due back by the end of August
the 450-room Marriott Casa Magna Cancun Resort has 200 rooms open; all are due back by the end of August
the 300-room Hyatt Regency Cancun is due back in November

Travellers unfazed by hurricane predictions

July 26th, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under News, Weather

In a recent survey of more than 3,000 people conducted by TripAdvisor, 89 percent of respondents said their vacation plans have not been affected by the early predictions of another active hurricane season. Fifty-eight percent said they plan to visit a hurricane-susceptible destination such as Cancún.

Still, last year’s rash of storms did make an impression: sixty-three percent said they would purchase travel insurance.

So as we look ahead to the really big tropical months coming up – August and September – let’s hope that the Atlantic remains as quiet as it has during June and July. But something tells me it won’t.

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James Palmer writes beautifully about diving a cenote (sinkhole) in The Independent.

I wrote about cenotes back in March. You can read the post here.

Don’t mention the “h-word”

June 30th, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under Cancún, Hotel groups, News

I’ve previously posted some thoughts on the subject of ‘hurricane preparedness’. Then, earlier this week, I got a call from USA TODAY reporter Laura Bly. We talked at some length about the post-Wilma recovery in Cancún: the positive, the less positive, and some areas still to see some action.

Laura quotes me in her article published today, although my opinions are rather more rounded than they might appear from the morsel in Laura’s piece.

Humble hummingbird

June 5th, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under News

Steve Bridger Wins 2006 Colibri Ecotourism Achievement AwardToday is a good day. The sun is out. That’s three days in a row.

It just got even better. As part of the global celebration of World Environment Day, has named me as the recipient of the annual Colibri Ecotourism Achievement Award, largely for my work on this blog.

Colibri means "Hummingbird" in Spanish and this year the Award celebrates its sixth anniversary, making this one of the longest-running ecotourism awards. Needless to say, I’m chuffed to bits.

You can read what some very nice people have to say about me on the award

Time out…

May 5th, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under News

After five solid months of trabajando hasta las horas de la noche, burning the midnight oil, scouring the wires, trying to write coherently and accurately about the post-Wilma recovery, I needed to take a break; re-charge the batteries. That’s all it is tough, a time out.

Again, a big thank you to all those who have helped make this blog what it is. You may notice that there is no one on this long list from the Mexico Tourism Board. Despite frequent emails to over thirty individuals in Mexico City and Quintana Roo, not one of them felt the need to acknowledge this work.

As always, email me with your thoughts on how to improve this website…

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April 12th – Bloomberg journalist Thomas Black does a good job of pulling together the facts on the beach recovery in this article.

Heads in the sand and empty pockets

April 11th, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under Cancún, Hotel groups, News, Sustainable tourism

Much ducking and weaving, much passing of the buck in evidence today as most of the local newspapers on sale in Cancún carried a story on the post-Wilma squabbling between hotel reps and insurers. I covered some of the background in January.

Insurance salesmen would probably squeeze their way into the top five in most polls of the least respected, least trusted professions – certainly where I come from. They are the perennial bad guys.

Now, I am not about to leap to their defence, but, all the same, while hoteliers may baulk as premiums skyrocket and insurers drag their feet to settle their dues, I believe they should share the blame as the cycle of build and…

That crazy ocean itch

April 10th, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under News

Now is the time of year weeny stinging organisms begin to bloom in these waters, resulting in what locals call "aguas malas"; literally, ‘bad waters’.

Tulum; April 9th - photo: Chantelle TuckerThe larval form of the thimble jellyfish, or "dedalillo", is the culprit. Direct contact with skin – particularly in the friction areas of a swimsuit or bathing cap, or in body creases – can trigger the discharge of nematocysts, or ‘arrow cells’. The releasing toxins may cause skin affections, a little local pain and itching.

Around the Caribbean, the common wisdom specifically warns against ocean swimming between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day yearly, but the problem ‘window’ is often longer.

Lifeguards will usually know when the little buggers are most prevalent.…

Enchanted Isle

April 9th, 2006 by Steve Bridger filed under Isla Mujeres, News

Photo: Maria de las MercedesThere’s no question Tammy Chase is enchanted by Isla Mujeres.

Meanwhile, Maria de las Mercedes took the photo on the right… and some others of the books, beads and batiks at  "Cosmic Cosas".

The used bookstore and internet café established by Molly Fisher and Genevieve Pritchard is a popular Avenida Matamoros hang-out on Isla Mujeres.

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April 7th -  Never again will there be a Hurricane Wilma – nor Katrina, Dennis, Rita nor Stan.

The five hurricane names from last year’s devastating storms have now been officially "retired" by the ‘hurricane committee’ of the World Meteorological Organisation, and will not reappear on the list of potential storm names that is otherwise recycled every six years - NOAA

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Neil MacLean has blogged afterwilma on his Travel PR blog. Cheers, Neil.