Isla Holbox

Last updated: March 29th

hotel open indicates hotel open or partially open

Just visited? Tell me what you thought. Or just browse for the latest information on whether these hotels are operating following Hurricane Wilma.

Casa Sandrahotel open
According to Sveinung Bokn, the general manager, hotel re-opened on December 18th, 2005. Restaurant now has professional chef preparing international cuisine. Two further rooms and one suite in construction; pool.

Hotel Faro Viejo

Hotelito Casa Las Tortugashotel open
Re-opened at the beginning of December. Like all the hotels on the island, the hotelito suffered some damage, but the storm surge did not reach the main house. Given a fresh lick of paint and new fittings.

Posada Mawimbihotel open
Open since November 20th. The hotel told me it took until Christmas for Holbox to recover.

Villa Los Mapacheshotel open

Villas Chimayhotel open
This solar and wind-powered hotel suffered extensive damage in the hurricane, but one of the Swiss owners, Dunja, told me on Jan. 20th that they have re-opened. Indeed, they had already welcomed their first guests. Work is on-going to re-build the restaurant. A miraculous recovery.

Villas Delfineshotel open
Re-opened on December 26th, 2005

Villas Paraiso del Mar
Was due to re-open in February

Xalochotel open
Re-opened on December 15th, 2005

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